Jinan Government Group

We recently helped facilitate an international delegate of Housing, City Bureau and Town Planning Government Officials from the city of Jinan in Shandong Province, China.


Their visit to the UK was to learn about the planning of local urban renewal, understand the organisational structuring of historic cultural city conservations, exchange views on the rehabilitation and promotion of historical blocks and the protection of old buildings and cultural heritage.

Our service offerings for this project included, but wasn't limited to arranging official meetings with the Birmingham City Council, ARUP, and CBRE. We also provided tour guide service and interpretation service.

Macao Bank Group

One of our most recent training events featured a group of Financial specialists and consultants from various branches of the Macao Bank across China.

During their visit, they were able to meet with important figures from respectable organisations in the finance sector. They were able to learn about current conditions of financial sector in the UK from industry leaders. They also learnt good theories and practices from outstanding researchers and practitioners in the sector and visited the most prestigious universities and historical sites in the UK.

Our service offering for this project included providing all of the above and arranging meetings with London Stock Exchange, J. Safra Sarasin, Quilter & Cheviot, London & Partner, Julius Baer and Morgan Stanley.

Tour guide and interpreting services were also provided.

Shanghai Property Group

Our property services offers a range of bespoke events for property developers and investors from China.

One of most recent events brought together some property developers and investors from Shanghai, China. During their visit, we arranged visits for them to real estate projects in London and Manchester, showing them potential future cooperation and investment opportunities.

In addition to arranging these visits for them, we also arranged meetings and discussions with British developers (e.g. Barratt London Team, St. George Team at Berkeley Corporation and Alliance Group among others).

Tour guide service and interpretation services were also provided.

Shanghai Only Education

Our education experience services offers a range of bespoke programmes for students from China.

Chinese students get to integrate with English students on various projects and in-class activities, granting them insight into the day of a UK student.

One of most recent school integration programme brought students from Shanghai Only Education to the UK to visit CoE Christ the Saviour. During their visit, students spent time with students in class and after school, going on trips together. The students enjoyed a one-to-one buddy with UK students.

In addition to the school programme, we also arranged tours around the UK and London attractions for the students.