China UK Gateway is specialized in organizing all types of events, including international conferences, government and corporate meetings, business visits and exhibitions for Chinese clients in the United Kingdom.


We offer a wide range of services including business consulting, financial management, as well as educational services such as training, summer/winter camps, school placements and university exchanges. We also arrange tours for individuals and groups.

We provide high quality and tailor-made services adapted the specific needs of each client.

We are committed to expanding economic, trade and cultural exchanges, as well as promoting understanding and communication between China and the UK.

Our strengths:

  • Professionalism:

We work closely with over 300 partners from different sectors, including government officials, immigration lawyers and famous organisations in both China and the UK.

  • Recognition:

We are one of the pioneering Chinese companies providing oversea immigration and consultancy services. We are highly recognised among Chinese consultancy firms and have received many awards in this area.

  • Comprehensive services:

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including real estate, law, educational and financial management services, so that customers don’t have to worry about anything when they go abroad.