The UK and China have a few things in common when it comes to their passion and standards in education. With this at the forefront of our goals, we aim to provide a connection between both countries to help students from both countries brighten and enhance their learning journey through international exchange programmes.

We provide educational and cultural summer/winter camps for students in China and in the UK. Our UK exchange programme provides students with excellent local British and English as a Second Language (ESL) schools, host family/hotel stays and excursions to London; together with historical sight visits in and around England.

We also facilitate and act as agents for both private boarding schools and higher education institutions. For parents looking for their children to have permanent educational status in the UK, China-UK Gateway provides a tailored service.

We understand that moving abroad is often a daunting and stressful task, therefore our tailored services offers: overseas application guidance for a variety of top private schools in the UK, accommodation & transportation plans and other needed or necessary arrangements for the student.

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Since 2013, China-UK Gateway has been dedicated to making sure it provides professional and organised corporate visits, events and exhibitions tailored to the needs of our customers and businesses at different levels and in all walks of life.

Our events and conference services caters for transnational event planning, recruitment events, professional and governmental conferences and workshops.


CUG maintains a special relationship with its correspondents in the Chinese government, chambers of commerce and various finance and business firms as well as working alongside UK based businesses and government institutions, to provide some of the top transnational conferences, seminars and workshops in various fields.


Our speciality is in providing end-to-end event planning, corporate meetings, international conferences, exhibitions, seminars and workshops for businesses, firms, government bodies/delegates and institutions from various sectors like the financial sector, property industry, education sector, manufacturing and entertainment industries.



We offer various training programmes to professionals and corporate delegates from China to the UK.

These training programmes helps knowledge exchange and industry advancement as both UK and Chinese participants contribute in various ways to help facilitate a mutually beneficial interaction.

Our training programmes are bespoke and can be tailored to a specific requirement. 




The UK advertising market is one in which CUG has 5 years’ of experience in. In these years, we have grown as a company and in our understanding of the UK market place and how best to advertise your goods, services and experiences overseas.

Equipped with experienced ad professionals, CUG provides a ‘helping –hand’ to overseas firms, Chinese government departments and private corporations in assisting them achieve their marketing goals. Our knowledge of the UK consumer market helps us steer your ad campaigns in the right direction to attain maximum exposure.


We specialise in supplying digital and broadsheet advertisements, over various platforms and channels. We also provide marketing strategies for overseas businesses.



China UK Gateway provides support and investment opportunities in various fields and sectors. We offer these experienced and tailored services primarily in the property and real estate industry but also in the financial and commerce industries.


In today's world, transnational investment in real estate is no longer difficult.

China UK Gateway have established a strong collaboration with Ox-Bridge, one of the most professional UK based transnational real estate companies. By the end of 2016, Ox-Bridge Real Estate became an agent for several of the UK's largest developers, with London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester City and Liverpool offering the best value for money and investment opportunities for Chinese investors.

Working alongside Ox-Bridge, we have a reliable source of home destinations, living spaces and houses for families looking to move to the UK.


In London, which is highly sought after by investors, Ox-Bridge Real Estate has sold more than 70 properties and has a variety of rich market options.


China UK Gateway is confident that, together with Ox-Bridge, your property investment needs can be met with the most professional and high quality services.